What is the animal spirit?

“Animal spirits” is a philosophical term used in the baroque period which defines a certain kind of “subtle stream” that runs through the bodies of human beings and is able to affect their soul and ignite their emotions. Coming from three different continents, and representing new generations of historically informed performers, the members of the baroque band Les Esprits Animaux want to have the same effect in their audience. Through an informed preparation of our programs and very dynamic concert presentations we intend to create a bond with the listener, to find ways to tell stories set to music several hundred  years ago to the society of the 21st century. Energy, vitality, virtuosity and imagination are some of the terms which critics have used to define the ensemble. Our goal is to move the emotions and affect the souls of human beings through a music that was composed not only to be heard, but to be lived.

A short bio

Les  Esprits  Animaux  is  a  Netherlands-based  baroque  band  created  in  2009.  The  group  has  earned through the last years great acclamation of both music critics and audiences. It has enjoyed an intense concert schedule, performing in several European countries as well as in Japan.

Since 2010, Les Esprits Animaux, after being  selected  young ensemble in  residence  in  Centre Culture de Rencontre d’Ambronay,  have been invited to participate for the Festival d’Ambronay until the present year. The band has pursued since then its musical journey performing at the Fringe and the Fabulous Fringe of the  Oude Musiek  Festival  in  Utrecht  (The  Netherlands),  the  Fringe  of  MAfestival  in  Bruges  (Belgium)  and  in  the International Young Artist Platform  in Antwerp (Belgium) where it was award ed “Promising Ensemble 2011”.

In 2012, it has participated in the contest “Göttinger Reihe Historischer Musik” in Göttingen (Germany).
In 2013, the ensemble had the opportunity to perform in Bozart in Brussels and to be in residence at the Centre Cultural Voce in Pigna in Corsica (France). Among other previous projects, they performed in “The Day of La Petite Bande” in Leuven as well as concerts in the European Parliament in Brussels representing Ambronay as European Culture Ambassador 2011. In 2012 Les Esprits Animaux made its first Japan tour.

The  group  has  been  invited  to  the  Kerkconcerts  in  ‘t  Woudt  (The  Netherlands)  for  three  consecutive years.  In  2011,  the  Fundación  “La  Caixa”  selected  Les  Esprits  Animaux  to  perform  in  several  cities  in  Spain within  the  framework  of  Festival  Antiqva,  a  part  of  the  34th  edition  of  the  Festival  de  Música  Antigua  de Barcelona. The band performed in different international festivals such as 24th edition of “Printemps Musical en Pays Roannais”    in 2012  (France), “II Festival Rutas de Alba”  in 2012  (Spain), “Gent Festival van Vlaanderen” (Belgium) in 2012 and 2013,  Tassin La Demi-Lune in 2013 (France)  “L’Éte Musical de Roisin” 2014 (Belgium), MAFestival de Bruges  2014  (Belgium) and the 24th International Early Music Festival Banchetto Musicale” in Vilnius  in  2014  (Lithuania).Festival  Musiq3  in  2015  (Belgium),  “Les  Jardins  Musicaux  2015”  (Switzerland), “Contrepoints 62” (France) in 2015, “Festival Musique Baroque Fammene Ardene 2015” (Belgium) , Festival van Vlaanderen-Antwerpen  (AMUZ)  in  2015  (Belgium),  “Musica  Antica  da  Camera  2015”  (The  Netherlands),  De Blijoke  in  2015  (Belgium),  Stadspodia  Leiden  2016  (The  Netherlands),  Kasteelconcerten  2016  (The Netherlands) and La Folle Journée en Nantes et en Region 2016 (France).

The  ensemble  recorded  broadcastings  with  France  Musique  (France),  Musiq3  (Belgium)  and Concertzender Nederland (The Netherlands).

After  having  recorded  its  first  CD  for  Ambronay  Éditions  (Harmonia  Mundi)  with  a  programme
dedicated to G. Ph. Telemann in 2011, the ensemble recorded its second CD in 2013 with a program entitled “Transfigurations” for the same label.